How to be Saved

How to be Saved

Course Description

Welcome!  This is our very first class and you meet the founder, learn about the goal of the school as well as the foundational scripture.

For this class the focus will be How to be saved.  How do you get to heaven?  You’ll also find out about The 3 types of deaths, get a simple explanation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, have the opportunity to say a Prayer to receive Jesus Christ as your Savior and be assured of your salvation.

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Course Content

Total learning: 2 lessons


Nicole Murray is the founder of Missionaries of Prayer. A non profit prayer ministry that does missions worldwide.

This is an MP3 Audio file of the entire teaching if you would prefer listening to it as opposed to watching it on video
How to be Saved Study Guide This self-study guide is a companion document to the video course “How to be Saved.” This guide will help you to reflect on key learning from the video as well as deepen your understanding of the important truths of salvation discussed in the video. Learning about salvation is just the first step in your lifelong journey with Jesus. Now that you are saved, you want to be able to apply key principles of salvation to your life daily. This guide is designed to help you walk out your salvation in Christ Jesus so that you receive the fullness of who you are in Him. You must have a PDF reader in order to open the study guide.  You can get a PDF reader here